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Because you deserve the best this world has to offer. It’s that simple. Over 150 years ago, Hästens was founded by men that invested everything to make the very best bed mattresses. Today, our experienced craftsmen invest their time and passion as they craft our products with painstaking attention. When you invest in one of our beds it is unlike any other bedding purchase you will make in your life. It is an investment in yourself. Read on to learn about Hästens’ location in Los Angeles and to discover what makes Hästens so unique in this modern world. We want to make the world a better place by making it possible for people, you, to sleep in the best bed in the world for the rest of your life. Let’s begin today.


A world-class location

Located on the border of West Hollywood & Beverly Hills.

Our showroom is located on Beverly Boulevard, between Robertson and Doheny. This puts us right on the edge of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, two of the primary communities we serve. We hope you’ll pay our neighborhood of world renowned arts and design retailers a visit. At our showroom you’ll find mattresses, pillows, hammocks, pyjamas, sheets, and everything related to sleep. You’ll also find Linus, Anna, Jacob, Atman & Tim. Parking is directly below the showroom, on the first floor. We hope to serve you soon!

Premier service

Our world-class difference goes beyond the unrivaled creation of our products.

Just as our craftsmen in Sweden devout every day to an extreme attention to perfection in our products, our sales personnel in Beverly Hills devout every day to an extreme attention to perfection of service, a touch that distinguishes Hästens from any other company in the industry. The Hästens experience is a luxury, but we believe that the luxury of perfect sleep is actually a necessity, a way of caring for yourself and the ones you love. Our staff will help you find the best bed for you, comparing and explaining all models and options.

Included extended care

White glove check-ups, tuneups & maintenance for perfection.

Even after you’ve found the bed of your dreams, acquired it, and had it delivered, our professional, personalised service doesn’t stop, as our staff will continue to provide consultations and advice when you request it, even making house calls to ensure the perfect sleep environment. We want to make it possible for you to sleep in the best bed in the world for the rest of your life. And we’re always only a phone call away. You won’t find service like this anywhere else.

Why Hästens

At Hästens, we set out to build the best beds in the world. This is a project we’ve relentlessly pursued since 1852. Considering the numerous awards Hästens has won through the years, there’s no question though– our customers sleep well at night. Oh, and by the way– so do we because we won’t rest until our customers are having the night of their dreams. Here’s how we create the ultimate environment for sleep:


Exceptional craftsmanship. Built to last.

In a world of mass-produced beds, Hästens stands alone in its belief that there is only one way to create a true masterpiece – by hand. For over 150 years, every Hästens bed has been built with pride & care by a team of skilled craftsmen in our historic facility in Köping, Sweden, individually to our customers’ wishes.

See how our craftsmen build the world’s finest beds »

Only the finest materials. Naturally.

At Hästens we believe that real luxury is created by working with renewable resources and with all-natural materials. That’s why we use only the finest pure flax, wool and cotton, the highest quality pine from northern Sweden, and genuine, hypoallergenic horsehair to create our beds. Pure nature next to your skin for your health and extraordinary wellbeing.

  Learn about our unique sustainable materials »

Unparalleled experience. A storied past.

Hästens has been run by the same family since the mid-19th century. Before Bell and Edison made their epoch-making inventions, we at Hästens were already working hard. Our view is the same today as it was when we began making mattresses in the 1800s – only the finest natural materials and the best craftsmanship should be used. Nothing less.

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A passion for beds

What do you think is the passion that drives Hästens? What lays behind everything we do? It’s you. It’s your sleep. You sleep for 25 years of your life – perhaps a third of your time here on earth. Everything we do here at Hästens revolves around a single fact: the fact that this important third of your life should be something that does you good – something you long for and enjoy. You should enjoy a good quality of life at night, as well as during the day. After all, the better your nights are, the better your days will be. Learn more about our passion for your sleep in this short film:

The Collection

Sleep is a truly personal thing. That’s why no one but you can say what’s the best bed for you. We can however offer some advice. Choose one that’s hand-made, using only all-natural materials. One with uncompromising quality that lasts forever. And one that comes with a 25-year warranty to boot. The following beds, the full Hästens collection, all meet these qualities. Visit or call and our staff will help you discover the bed that’s right for you and your loved ones.


The Vividus

Our greatest artistry.

This is the ultimate perfection, the result of our legacy of expertise and passion for the art of craftsmanship. This is the bed of our dreams. Before we created the Vividus, nobody in the history of mankind ever slept in a bed like this. Only a privileged few ever will.

Explore: Vividus

Continental beds

Some of our most luxurious beds.

With the new generation of continental beds, we have gone back to our roots with beds that build even more on our master craftsmanship and expertise. Our continental beds are popular for their solid structure combined with their sense of weightlessness. They are also extremely pleasing to the eye.

Explore: 2000T II / Proferia / Auroria / Luxuria

Frame beds

Tradition meets technology.

Wonderfully soft, incredibly pliant and comfortable. The insides of Hästens’ frame beds conceal double patented spring systems. Hästens’ frame beds unite our solid professional tradition with modern spring technology – where the 19th and the 21st centuries meet.

Explore: Superia II / Excel II / Marquis


Adjustable beds

Comfortable and multi-functional.

Hästens’ adjustable beds offer many functions for creative moments, inspiration and innovative thinking as well as recovery for body and soul, rest, relaxation and massage. These beds let you indulge yourself in extraordinary comfort not only when you sleep.

Explore: Comfortable II / Lenoria

Special orders

Custom shapes and sizes.

While all Hästens beds are handmade, bespoke creations, our beds are generally made in standard sizes. If you require, we can design and create a bed in a specific size or shape, according to your provided specifications.


Pillows, duvets, linen, pyjamas & more.

When it comes to accessories, we offer just about everything you can imagine in the line of bed linen, down quilts and pillows, headboards, legs, bath robes, and much more. All with the Hästens’ insignia. You have a personality, and so should your bed.

Explore: Accessories


For over 150 years, Hästens has been the bed of kings and connoisseurs. Who are we talking about? People like his Majesty the King of Sweden. When you do things right, people begin to take notice. Hästens has received accolades and awards from fine organisations around the world. We are happy more and more people are beginning to notice what a difference the Hästens approach brings. Here are a few places that have recently taken notice.




"a remarkable piece of custom Swedish craftsmanship"


Design Awards Issue

Vanity Fair

Furniture Today

Domino Magazine


Although we’re happy to be recognised by distinguished organizations and publications, there’s nothing we like to see more than the joyful recognition of our efforts by pleased clients. Hästens beds’ superior sleeping comfort and high quality makes this a rather frequent occurrence, we must admit. Satisfied customers are truly our best reference.

We hope we can make you as happy (and rested) as these fine folks:


I never thought I would write a letter raving about a bed. When my husband told me he wanted to buy a Hästens bed and then told me the price, I thought he was absolutely crazy. Last fall he took me to your store... I must say I was impressed... Our bed arrived and I have been singing its praises ever since... This past weekend we checked into a hotel and I sat on the bed and felt incredibly homesick.

– Shari

I have been meaning to tell you how much we love our bed. However, it does have a drawback in that both Susie and I have a distinct problem in getting out of bed each morning. It’s just too damn comfortable. By the way, our 12 year old wants one too.

– Tom

We just love our Hästens mattress and it truly is “Superia”! I am finally sleeping within 3 minutes of lying down. Upon rising, I feel totally relaxed and refreshed. An amazing side benefit: deeper sleep means better dreams. I will continue to recommend Hästens as the #1 mattress choice for optimal health to all my patients.

– Dr. Brian

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We hope you’ll soon enter the Hästens world and discover the extra-ordinary comfort and timeless value of sleeping in a Hästens bed. Unlike property, jewelry, fashion, art and fine cars, Hästens ownership is a personal, private luxury – never ostentatious. It’s the kind of investment that pays quiet, meaningful dividends year after year. When you’re ready to begin, please use the information below to set up a private appointment.


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